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Workflow Introduction

BPM and Workflow eBook Series

Cover: Introduction to BPM and Workflow
Introduction to BPM and Workflow
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Excellence in Practice Series
Comprehensive best-practice case studies drawn from award-winning submissions.

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Article AMP Superannuation, Australia
  AMP (Sydney, Australia). AMP is Australia’s leading provider of retirement savings products and services with more than 2.5 million fund members. The implementation of the new business processes using workflow and imaging realized a 42 percent productivity improvement. Nominating vendor is Eastman Software Inc., with AMPlus as integrator.
Size Pages: 30. Size: 191KB
Article Bank of America
  Bank of America’s Credit Operations (Phoenix, AZ) implemented a high-speed credit application imaging system incorporating sophisticated handwriting recognition and innovative neural robots into imaging and workflow processing to handle over 14,000 applications daily. Nominator is integrator Image Consulting Group, Phoenix, AZ with the imaging platform by FileNet Corp., Costa Mesa, CA.


Pages: 19. Size: 87KB
Article Bank of America, Asia Division
  This entry describes the successful implementation of a major workflow system in Bank of America's Asia Division. The system was implemented in a series of phases beginning in 1993 and today plays a major role in holding the line on transaction processing costs. Equally important, the workflow application has allowed Bank of America-Asia Division to continue to improve its tradition of excellent customer service. According to detailed records kept during the project, the net improvement in productivity for issuing letters of credit was 15.35 percent. The improvement for letters of credit advising was 15.45 percent. Most astounding, however, was the improvement in foreign exchange and money market processing which realized a 46.27 percent improvement in productivity. During Phase II, when payments were added to the workflow system, the productivity improvement in this area was 32.66 percent.
Size: Pages: 8 Size: 213KB
Article First Albany Corporation, NY
  First Albany Corporation in Albany, New York, believes that reengineering fulfills its true promise-as a strategy for rapid growth and complete customer satisfaction in a business environment of intense competition and constant change. To implement reengineering, this investment bank has combined a highly structured BPR methodology with essential business process automation (BPA) tools, including client/server workflow software, imaging technology, and a computer output to laser disk (COLD) solution. In one key area-customer accounts processing and records retention-the results to date have been remarkable. Large amounts of paper output and physical storage for hundreds of thousands of account documents have been eliminated. Procedures have been streamlined, reducing processing errors from 50 percent to five percent while collapsing process transfer times. First Albany has expanded its productive (sales-related) workforce by approximately 15 percent during the past two years while maintaining the same size support-related workforce. All together, these results are helping First Albany achieve its ultimate goal of providing "second-to-none" service leading to complete customer satisfaction.
Size: Pages: 6 Size: 22KB
Article Hypo-Bank, Germany
  Hypo-Bank (Unterfoehring, Germany) Hypo-Bank’s EDP environment reflects the high complexity which results from a combination of central mainframes communicating with more than 600 decentralized LANs with more than 10,000 PCs. Hypo-Bank’s management has acknowledged the use of document and workflow management as an important success factor in relation to competitiveness. The main concept of this installation: this is an example of imaging and workflow being used pervasively as essential IT infrastructure to support numerous business processes throughout the organization
Size: Pages: 13. Size 98KB
Article New York City Office of the Comptroller, NY
  New York City was experiencing record numbers of claims and contracts, and at the same time the resources allocated to processing them decreased. The New York City Comptroller's Office, with the assistance of its consultants Xerox and Universal Systems Inc. (USI), utilized imaging, workflow, and other client-server technology to enhance revenues and decrease operating costs. NYC processes over 30,000 claims and incurs a quarter of a billion dollars in claim costs annually. Billions of dollars are spent on City contracts. The implementation of the Omnibus Automated Image Storage Information System (OAISIS) has significantly improved the work processes and productivity within the City's Office of the Comptroller to process contracts and claims. NYC plans on saving over $20 million dollars by the Year 2000 using Document Management Technology.
Size: Pages: 33 Size: 205KB
Article Sanlam, South Africa
  Sanlam (Bellville, South Africa). Sanlam Electronic Business is focused on transforming the company and its business units. As part of a custom workflow system, implementation of a Telemarketing System formed part of this transformation. Direct sales success increased by over 200 percent and telemarketing contact increased from 500 to 2000 new prospects per day
Size: Pages: 18. Size: 110KB
Article Swiss Bank Corp., Switzerland
  Swiss Bank Corporation (Zurich, Switzerland). SWB’s implemented a fully integrated electronic securities trading system in the Swiss financial service market. The workflow system resulted in annual savings of 3-5 Million dollars in the area of securities custody and settlement processing. The overall reorganization of the business area resulted in a cost saving on personnel of 30 million dollars. The key to note here is that workflow totally automated many of the routine processes so that they no longer had to be touched by humans. This allowed knowledge workers instead to focus on the complex cases, where most of the business risks are.
Size: Pages: 25. Size: 152KB


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