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BPM and Workflow eBook Series

Cover: Introduction to BPM and Workflow
Introduction to BPM and Workflow
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Excellence in Practice Series
Comprehensive best-practice case studies drawn from award-winning submissions.

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The question, How can governments manage change organizationally and be agile operationally? is answered in this special spotlight on BPM in Government worldwide with specific emphasis on the USA government where agencies, armed forces, states and cities are facing almost insurmountable challenges.

This is a book for business people who just want to understand the how and why of process automation and integration in simple non-jargon terms. It is also for the technical person looking for current insights into where BPM standards are heading, how others are managing implementations and more.

Throughout the book international industry experts and thought leaders present significant new ideas and concepts to help you plan a successful future for your organization... more information here.

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Article Consolidated Edison of New York, NY
  The Consolidated Edison Automated Workflow System (AWF)is used by approximately 600 Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). When they first installed the system these employees worked on three types of paper: · Customer correspondence (one million letters per year) · Faxes from government organizations (100,000 faxes per year)· Mainframe documents which were sent to printers (several million "citations" per year). These mainframe documents are citations produced each evening in the batch process, which highlight potential problems with accounts These documents, in their electronic form, are now processed through the AWF system throughout the day.
Size Pages: 8 Size: 32KB

Article Defense Contract Management District West, CA
  Defense Contract Management District West (DCMDW) (El Segundo, CA) is advancing toward a paperless environment with the implementation of the Totally Imaged Federal File (TIFF) project which automates the sophisticated human resource process.
Size Pages: 20. Size: 110KB

Article Federal Central Register, Germany
  Federal Central Register (Berlin, Germany) The Federal Central Register (FCR) in Berlin, a division of the German Civil Supreme Court, with a staff of 470 people, is responsible for the administration of an enormous database with records of all convictions of German citizens from German and foreign courts. The key aspect to note about this system is that through change management principles, major changes can be introduced successfully in organizations that would normally be extremely resistant to change.
Size Pages: 19. Size: 110KB

Article Gak Nederland bv, Netherlands
  Gak Nederland b.v. is the largest social security provider in the Netherlands. Gak Nederland b.v. provides sickness and unemployment insurance serving 280,000 Dutch employers and institutions for the insurance of seven million employees and beneficiaries, accounting for almost 65 percent of the Dutch workforce. Gak distributes $11 billion to beneficiaries per annum. The organization covers over 30 district offices throughout the country and has 13,500 employees. Gak Nederland b.v. is a member of the Gak Group. Gak Nederland is spearheading the drive for efficiency throughout the organization in order to control costs and spending and provide better services to its public. One department within Gak Nederland b.v. is leading the way: the Employers Insurance Administration Department, in conjunction with Gak's Document Conversion Center Department recently succeeded in reengineering the process of registration, premium calculation and file handling. This department serves more than 280,000 Dutch employers for the insurance of their seven million employees/beneficiaries, accounting for almost 65 percent of the Dutch workforce
Size Pages: 14 Size: 426KB

Article Italian Chambers of Commerce
  Executive Summary Societa' Consortile di Informatica delle Camere di Commercio Italiane per Azioni (Infocamere) is the Information Technology (IT) service company of the Italian Chambers of Commerce. Its role is to provide the 103 Italian Chambers of Commerce with IT solutions to help them manage their activities and their growing number of responsibilities. Until 1994 this was, among others, the role of Cerved S.p.A. Since then Cerved decided to concentrate on selling business information collected from the Chambers of Commerce; Chambers created a new organization dedicated to providing IT services to them. This organization took the name of Societa' Consortile di Informatica delle Camere di Commercio Italiane per Azioni (short name, Infocamere). This company employs 700 people generating approximately $110 million each year. The BOND system allows Cerved/Infocamere to offer to the market a service that previously did not exist. This system received some 1,000,000-user queries during 1995.
Size Pages: 14 Size: 72KB

Article Martinair, Netherlands
  At Martinair, the second largest airline in the Netherlands, with over 2000 employees, the Revenue and Cost Accounting department processes coupons for accounting purposes and for billing tour operators and other airlines. The average number of coupons processed per year runs to about one million. The Martinair Input System (MAIS) is used within this department to replace the cumbersome and expensive process of manual data entry and the laborious archive process. With the MAIS system Martinair has realized significant process improvement and cost reductions, resulting in a return on investment (ROI) in less then 18 months.
Size Pages: 8 Size: 64KB

Article National Research Council of Canada, Ontario
  The National Research Council's scientific library, Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI) is the largest scientific library in North America with over 300,000 square feet of document storage. CISTI offers one of the world's best collections of journals, conference papers and reports in physical and life sciences, engineering, technology and medicine for its world-wide base of over 15,000 clients. Traditionally, CISTI relied on photocopying paper copies of articles and conference papers to fill orders for specific documents. The paper copies were then delivered to the client using various mail and courier services, nationally and internationally.
Size Pages: 5 Size: 24KB

Article New York City Office of the Comptroller, NY
  New York City was experiencing record numbers of claims and contracts, and at the same time the resources allocated to processing them decreased. The New York City Comptroller's Office, with the assistance of its consultants Xerox and Universal Systems Inc. (USI), utilized imaging, workflow, and other client-server technology to enhance revenues and decrease operating costs. NYC processes over 30,000 claims and incurs a quarter of a billion dollars in claim costs annually. Billions of dollars are spent on City contracts. The implementation of the Omnibus Automated Image Storage Information System (OAISIS) has significantly improved the work processes and productivity within the City's Office of the Comptroller to process contracts and claims. NYC plans on saving over $20 million dollars by the Year 2000 using Document Management Technology.
Size Pages: 33 Size: 205KB

Article Tennessee Valley Authority, AL
  Tennessee Valley Authority (Decatur, AL) reengineered its Procedures Control and Maintenance Work Processes handling paper-intensive 14,000 work orders and 5,000 procedure changes annually by implementing workflow and electronic routing at its Browns Ferry facility. What is noteworthy about this csse study is that it was a massive BPR project that succeeded.
Size Pages: 10. Size 49KB

Article Westinghouse Electric Company, PA
  Westinghouse Electric Company’s Energy Systems Business Unit (Monroeville, PA) has implemented an Information Delivery System to search for scanned nuclear power plant design documents and to archive completed work in accordance with Nuclear Regulatory Commission requirements. This case study is noteworthy for the way they implemented workflow and imaging on enterprise-wide basis, and also integrated with external suppliers and customers.
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