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BPM and Workflow in Healthcare

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Workflow Introduction

BPM and Workflow eBook Series

Cover: Introduction to BPM and Workflow
Introduction to BPM and Workflow
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Excellence in Practice Series
Comprehensive best-practice case studies drawn from award-winning submissions.

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We now offer comprehensive eBooks on each respective topic (see below) assembled from all our case studies and papers published in all our titles from 2003 to 2010.

BPM and Workflow eBook Series

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This new 113-page eBook presents the collection of best and most important chapters on this topic recently published in the annual BPM and Workflow Handbook series and other publications. BPM's promises are real, but the path to success is littered with pitfalls and shortcuts to failure. If you are just embarking on using its methods and tools, these authors have a wealth of experience to learn from and build on. Whether you are a business manager or an Information Technology practitioner, this special collection of papers will provide valuable information about what BPM can do for you—and how to apply it.

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BPM and Workflow in Healthcare
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This special bundle of the Digital Edition book AND eBook BPM in Healthcare is free when you buy the 2009 BPM and Workflow Handbook Print Edition (spotlight on Healthcare)

Article AMP Superannuation, Australia
  AMP (Sydney, Australia). AMP is Australia’s leading provider of retirement savings products and services with more than 2.5 million fund members. The implementation of the new business processes using workflow and imaging realized a 42 percent productivity improvement. Nominating vendor is Eastman Software Inc., with AMPlus as integrator.
Size Pages: 30. Size: 191KB

Article Baylor Healthcare Systems, TX
  Baylor Health Care Systems (Dallas, TX) uses an Intranet workflow solution to coordinate contract negotiations, by which hospital directors discuss, review and approve pharmaceutical contracts. The nominating vendor is Action Technology Inc., of Alameda, CA., with integration supplied by Integrated Healthcare Solutions of Marietta, GA.
Size Pages: 8. Size 38KB

Article Capital Blue Cross Blue Shield, PA
  Capital Blue Cross is the largest health insurer in Central Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley, serving nearly 1.5 million members in a 21-county region. Capital Blue Cross customers with Comprehensive Major Medical and Wraparound Major Medical coverage can be assured their claims are handled as efficiently as possible through the CBC Sigma Omnidesk system and Pennsylvania Blue Shield IBM ImagePlus system. Pennsylvania Blue Shield is also an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. The CBC system invisibly uses automatic retrieval robots to interface with PBS and CBC mainframes and imaging systems for claims retrieval, conversion and processing among four locations. This imaging process, along with others, has reduced CBC's annual two million claims throughput by seven days.
Size Pages: 21 Size: 94KB

Article Janssen Research Foundation, NJ
  Janssen Research Foundation uses imaging and workflow to manage case report forms (CRFs) to reduce drug development time, specifically the clinical trial execution process, which involves final data collection, verification and data entry.
Size Pages: 16. Size: 98KB

Article PPP Healthcare, England
  To unravel the mystery of business process automation take 101 different document types, distribute around three LANs, one WAN and 640 desks. Throw in a jumble of hardware and software, superfast state-of-the-art scanners, juke boxes and the latest in workflow technology, whiz together with a legacy mainframe system and it is possible to begin. It is true that not every business process automation program will take this mix of new and used IT as its infrastructure. However, these are the raw ingredients exploited to great effect by England's PPP Healthcare. PPP Healthcare has implemented a workflow strategy, which is already delivering dividends by cutting out 'red tape' and increasing staff productivity. PPP Healthcare's mission is to supply its 2.3 million customers with the ultimate in service. In fact, so successful has its implementation been, that it now claims to have an infrastructure that is increasing customer loyalty with visible improvements in service
Size Pages: 5 Size: 17KB

Article Red Ball Oxygen Company, LA
  Red Ball distributes industrial gas cylinders to the welding supply industry and also, through a medical division, to hospitals, clinics and home users of oxygen in a territory of approximately a 150-mile radius from its headquarters The firm has 100 employees, seven branches and 5,000 active customers. Accounting for the delivered cylinders is important not only because the cylinders represent a company asset, but also because of government regulations associated with the cylinder's content. They discovered that imaging was one of the ways to accomplish this objective.
Size Pages: 3 Size: 16KB

Article Trigon Blue Cross Blue Shield, VA
  Trigon utilizes OPEN/image and OPEN/workflow technology for the automation of its Health Claims processing that supports its seven Strategic Business Units (SBU) and their approximate 65 associated Dedicated Service Units (DSU) The system supports more than 600 users (primarily Trigon's Health Claims Representatives (HCR) and Medical Advisors with plans to extend to 1,000. A typical health insurance claims is one to two pages in length and the system today provides access to more than 12 million documents electronically. The typical daily volume is 30,000 claims, or approximately 60,000 documents processed. The process begins in the mail room for the input of claims where they are scanned and OCR'd into the workflow and imaging system.
Size Pages: 14 Size: 51KB


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